Re-invigorate my what? My relationships? Everything’s fine. Really.

Stuck in the daily grind, a dead-end situation, or you need a change? Perhaps another life-change is looming? 

Through this Universal journey of Self-Discovery read real-life examples. Uncover YOUR stories. Learn what it is YOU want.

Then take baby steps to create the relationships you want, whether with your life partner, your best friend, yourself… Buy Now!

The Fernhead Diaries: Coming Up Unstuck

    • Awareness Get clear on your Self-Talk (stories)
    • E-motions Grieve the losses (real or imagined)
    • Consciousness Decide what you want to change and begin making daily choices

  Create the life you want!

Continue your story with The Fernhead Diaries: Living Unstuck

  • Celebrate the results of clear conscious choice
  • Enjoy Conscious Co-Creating
  • Live Unstuck Joyfully!

“Our society prefers quick fixes. We don’t allow time for grieving, which is a vital step toward healing, growing, and creating. Nature destroys and the earth lies fallow before life begins growing again. Why don’t we follow these cycles, too?”

From the Foreword

“Vulnerability, humility, and honesty can be found in these pages. .. honoring who Lisa once was and the woman she has become as she has grown into understanding that she has choices and can take ownership and responsibility for her life. As can you.”

— Leslie Rice Parsley, LCSW, RPT-S

  Abandonment (of Self)

it starts with
it ends with

or perhaps…

     it starts with
    and ends with

— The author’s redefinition

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