Out of the

Abyss and

Into the Light


A Guide to Self-Empowerment,

One Baby Step at a Time!

Learn how to malke choices that include you in the equation. You are not invisible. You have a right to be here. You have a huge heart. Honor yourself first. Discover what you love, and create the life you want!



Lisa is available to speak to women’s, men’s and couple’s groups, therapists, professionals, entrepreneurs; colleges, corporations, meetups; team building, personal empowerment, choices.

“At turns reflective and celebratory, Yvonne’s
biographical poems and brief personal essays seek to
assist the reader in working through universal issues
like divorce, grief, and the discovery of a renewed
purpose in life. A beautifully illustrated collection of
poetry and prose.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Unique and gorgeous in its nakedness, this a very
personal and vulnerable journey through one woman’s
path from despair to self-knowledge andforgiveness. I
can imagine it being a solace to many who wonder how
they will get from their pain and double back to a sense
of self-love and wonder again. It is the kind of generous
book that can accompany you through the worst of
times and give you faith that you will find the way …
shining through it all is a heart that wants to heal and
will help others to do the same. “-
Ann Bradney

Director, Radical Aliveness Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Lisa Yvonne, Personal Empowerment Guide,

Lisa is an author and coach who integrates her logical engineering mind with her free-thinking cognizance; to accomplish a universal goal of self-acceptance for herself and others. Lisa works in both personal and professional arenas. Gaining her voice through divorce and helping team members and managers flex their voice muscles to become fulfilled successful independent contributors. Lisa learned the hard way that healthy relationships start by honoring yourself. With 30+ years in telecom, analyzing systems and troubleshooting issues, Lisa brings clarity to even the most complex situations. Lisa is offering her sage wisdom and tools to help others make better choices to enrich their lives. Learn to be your own hero. Move out of the abyss of disempowerment and into the light of hope, is a message Lisa is successfully sharing with the world. She is an engaging, inspirational and transformational speaker for any event.

Her book Coming Up Unstuck is availble to purchase here


Topics for virtual and live keynotes, lunch & learns, seminars, workshops, podcasts and webinars include:

Work with Choice to Gain Your Voice

Empowered to Stay

Rewrite the Story to Realign and
Reconnect with Your Partner


The Real Key to Long- Lasting

Own Your Power

Don’t Allow Your Integrity to be
Bartered for the Comfort of Others

Be Your own Hero

Create the life you want!